This page is still incomplete, but as the site matures, hopefully several cool Haiku tips will be posted in here! 🙂

Use additional decorators

For BeOS:

  • Hold down shift+control+alt while opening the Be menu. Amiga, classic Mac OS, and Windows 9x decorators appear in addition to the default BeOS window decor, which allows theming BeOS windows.
  • On Dano, this changes; to change window decors, go to Screen preferences instead. There’s now several new options like Baqua, BlueSteel, Graphite, and Origin (Simple).

For Haiku:

  • To be completed!

Get the screen working!

For Haiku:

On a brand new computer, but aren’t sure how to get your screen working? Try to hold Shift when Haiku is first starting up (the boot menu). From there, choose fail-safe graphics or VESA mode under options and a graphics mode that your display supports. Or, you could also try holding Shift+control+option+escape to place Haiku in VESA mode as well.

Once booted on live media or an installed disk, uncomment ‘fail_safe_video_mode’ in ~/config/settings/kernel/drivers/kernel, save it and restart the computer. Your screen should then work (in VESA mode) in Haiku.

Give your Haiku box some Mac love

For Haiku:

If you’re a Mac OS fan, you may have noticed how close of a cousin BeOS/Haiku is to it in simplicity and design… and you can get the system to feel much closer.

  • If you miss having a menu on the left and clock on the right, stick the Deskbar to the top of the screen. Simply drag the handle on its right edge to move it wherever you like. The menus, however, will stay inside application windows.
  • If you want to swap the command and option keys, you can switch to using it in the Keymap preferences. Also, if you have a one-button mouse connected, Mouse preferences allows you to turn off the other buttons.
  • Finally, if you miss having the Launcher in Mac OS 7-9 or Dock on Mac OS 10.0+, open the LaunchBox. This allows you to quickly access and launch whatever applications you need to get to quickly.
  • Bonus tip: If you compile and install third-party decorators, you can get the Platinum appearance on Haiku in Appearance preferences. BeOS “Dano” includes Mac-like decorators as well (open Screen preferences, then choose the decorator of your choice).