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For Haiku

If you’re running a current Nightly build (or the Beta, if it has been released yet), you can use repositories in the Haiku Depot. Here’s a guide that explains more about the HaikuDepot.

The default Haiku repository has a good list of applications that you can install and use. Haiku Depot also has a Web frontend/interface which you can view here.

However, if you want additional software, you might consider adding third party repositories to your system with the Repositories preflet. Several repos are listed below:

Be-like systems

Zeven OS is built on Xubuntu, and thus uses the same Aptitude based package manager Ubuntu does. This means you should be able to install and update packages in the same manner as other Ubuntu distros and get Xubuntu support in the same way.

For classic BeOS

If you’re running a BeOS or an earlier Haiku (OS) alpha or a Haiku distribution/fork that does not have the Depot, you’ll need to download and install applications from a repository that supplies unpackaged applications.

BeBytes Software Archive

BeOS Software Archive: PulkoMandy

BeOS Collection on Internet Archive