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Want to learn more about Be/Haiku than what’s here? Check out the links on this page!

Listed on this page are various links to areas where BeOS and Haiku have been discussed around the Web. Links to eBooks, videos, articles, reviews, and more about your favorite operating system(s) are listed below!

If, for whatever reason, the links below do not work, please try using the Internet Archive to view the original link. If you’re looking for system image downloads, go to the OS Library page instead. If you’re looking for Be/Haiku software, please go to the Repos page.

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Please start with Haiku’s About page and General FAQ to get started first.

Of course, there’s several articles featured here about the BeOS, but to start with, here’s links to entries on Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia about BeOS and Haiku.



Also check the BeSly Knowledge Base for a whole range of tools and topics.

From there, please see the other links below to learn about the BeFS, history, and more!

Social media

Haiku on social media


Jon Yoder – “Learning to Program with Haiku” –

Dominic Ciampaolo – “Practical File System Design with the Be File System” PDF –

Media, Videos, and Presentations

Please note: There’s more on the web!

While this page tries to find content from YouTube, etc. it’s not exhaustive by any means and a lot might not be here. To keep track of Haiku in the media, see this thread from the Haiku forum and this link by Mr. Waddlesplash.

The Lunduke Show (Brian Lunduke). Haiku OS Beta – Visual Tour and Impressions


There was the “Cotton Squares” band, which was formed from people on the Be team. More info about them can be found on the Haiku forum here:

To listen to and/or download the tunes, a Dropbox link is available from the linked post. There’s also several YouTube videos that have Virtual (Void), It’s the OS, and other songs by the Cotton Squares as well.


Of course, there’s articles which have plenty of screenshots here, but for more, here’s more links.

Haiku has a screenshot tour that you can view here. And several reviews around the Web have screenshots as well.

The article of this blog, the OS Voyager, has a screenshot set of Haiku pre-RC and more on his main blog and on Medium (and the original beta review is linked to here).

Knowledge Base

The BeSly Knowledge Base


A very interesting album of Be photos and history is listed in a Flickr gallery; this awesome find is also mentioned in the “Historic hardware” section on the Hardware page.

Videos (Haiku OS)

“Haiku”, 2011 (Brisbane, Australia), YouTube,

“Haiku Review”, Jupiter Brodcasting, Linux Action Show (LAS), Season 17 Ep. 5, YouTube,

StorsterTH, “Haiku OS R1/Alpha4 Review”, YouTube,

ExplainingComputers, “Haiku Alternative Operating System”, YouTube,

Manolo Daza, “Haiku OS – An Inside Look”, YouTube,

Pacbilly, “My Increasingly Delirious Look at Haiku OS”, YouTube,

Linux & Projects, “Checking out Haiku R1 Beta 1”, YouTube,

TheTechChannel2000, “Checking out Haiku OS”, YouTube,

BeOS Videos

“BeOS – The Incredible OS That Disappeared”, YouTube – Part 1 | Part 2 (appears to be the BeOS demo video in two parts)

“BeOS Demo Video”, YouTube,

TJFerreira, “BeBox Dual 133MHz PPC 603e Booting November 2013 BeOS R5.0.3”, YouTube,

m4tt3m50n, “BeOS PowerPC overview”, YouTube,

YouTube – “History of BeOS (1995)” –

Tip: You can save old videos using youtube-dl in case they are ever deprecated or removed from the face of the Web.

Articles on BeOS

Scot Hacker – “BeOS – the 10,000 foot view” –

ArsTechnica – “The BeOS file system: An OS Geek Retrospective” –

Princeton – “BeOS” –

Be United – “What is BeOS?” –

Wikipedia – “BeOS” article –

Wikipedia – “BeOS filesystem” article –

Sound-on-Sound – “The BeOS Operating System: An Overview” –

The Register – “BeOS: The Mac OS X might-have-been” –

Scot Hacker, “Tales of a BeOS Refugee”,, December 2001 –

Klint Finley, “This OS Almost Made Apple a Different Company”, WIRED, 29 May 2015 –

Discussion on Reddit of “This OS Almost Made Apple a Different Company”:

Chris Lozaga, “Why BeOS Lost”, Low End Mac, 3 April 2002,

Articles on Haiku

Victor Domingos, “Haiku R1/beta1 review – revisiting BeOS, 18 years after its latest official release”, The No Title Tech Blog, 17 October 2018,

IEEE Spectrum – “The Dawn of Haiku OS: How a volunteer crew brought a crack operating system back” –

SysMagazine – “Dawn of Haiku OS” –

Tune Tracker Systems – Discover Haiku –

OSNews – “A Programmer’s Introduction to the Haiku OS” –

Haiku OS Development –

HaikuOS on Tumblr –

Wikipedia – “Haiku (OS)” –

Haiku Tips –

The Haiku/BeOS Tips Server –

Reviews and blog posts

Egon Rath – “Haiku OS – Gobe Productive” –

Leah Hanson – “Falling for Haiku OS” –

Alain Spineux – “Haiku OS” –

Dedoimedo – “Haiku – Open-source recreation of BeOS” –

Dedoimedo – “Haiku Alpha 4 – So what’s next?” –

Nuxified – “Haiku OS Alpha 1 Screenshots” –

Ultra Random Thoughts – “Overview of Haiku OS Release 1 Alpha 4” –

Nerds Central – “Haiku OS Alpha – Unboxing Review on VirtualBox” –