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Isometric Leaves is a reborn offshoot of my original or old BeOS/Haiku page Land of the Leaves. Unlike its predecessor, Isometric Leaves will have new posts and articles about the Be world to keep the site from becoming stagnant.

And overall, Isometric Leaves is meant to be a free, open, and accessible place to help preserve the legacy of Be, the BeOS, the Haiku OS and the entire family of Be-centric systems with links, screenshots, available hardware and compatibility, and more.

Cover photo credit:

Header photo of the leaves is “Close-Up Photo of Two Dry Leaves” by Simon Matzinger. Link here: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-photo-of-two-dry-leaves-1624690/

Where does the name “Isometric Leaves” come from?

The Be operating system was famous for its beautifully isometric icons which placed all the system artwork at a unique angle. This legacy has continued on in the modern day successor to BeOS, Haiku, and other systems like Phosphorus, Zeta, Senryu — and even the Xubuntu powered Zeven OS. As for the leaves… well, that’s homage to Haiku, which uses leaves in a lot of it’s artwork.

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